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    La Croisette

    Croisette American Broadway which stretches along the Bay of Cannes from the harbor where there are luxury yachts and the Palais des Festivals to the prestigious Palm Beach Casino February 9 2001ulitsu brought to the Total list of cultural heritage

    La Voile Rouge beach

    Beach Club La Voile Rouge was opened in 1966 by Paul Tomasello since the beach takes guests who do not want to see on his tanned body traces of the swimsuit Here come annually to wealthy people from around the world to rest If there is not  see

    Restaurant Paul Bocuse

    The famous French restaurant Paul Bocuse is in the small village of Pont de Collonges only a few minutes drive from Lyon The striking façade of the building and a huge sign on the roof will not let you get lost or drive past In the name of the

    Vanoise National Park

    Vanoise first and foremost among the national parks of France located to the south of Mont Blanc near the Italian National Park of Gran Paradiso As in the case of the Gran Paradiso Vanoise owes its entry into the ranks of the security of national

    Ideal lock Ferdinand Cheval

    In the usual French postman from a small town Hauterive was an unusual dream of his own castle And in the spring of 1879 the first stone was laid on the dream in every sense of the word Ferdinand Cheval began to gather stones of unusual shape 

    Temple of Diana

    Ancient temple of Diana is situated on a hill in the so called fountain gardens But to be honest the name Temple of Diana does not match scientists doubt that this building was erected as a temple and was dedicated to the goddess of hunting The

    Arch of Augustus

    As you know triumphal arches in ancient cities were built in honor of the winners or in memory of important historical events In Nimes you can see one of the samples of this architecture The monument built during the Emperor Augustus survives today

    Temple "Maison Carre"

    Maison Kare or as it is called square house a well known not only in Nimes ancient monument This ancient Roman temple is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in the world To this day it has remained virtually intact  except for minor

    Amphitheatre Nimes

    Roman amphitheater is located in the historic center took This building built in the best traditions of Roman architecture in about 60 BC There is an opinion that it is served as an architectural model for the construction of the Roman Colosseum in

    Tower Man

    Tower Tour de Man whose height is more than 30 meters stands on an octagonal base the faces of which are non uniform This is due to the rather complex terrain Above the plinth stands second tier is decorated in distinct traditions  Tuscan
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