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    Waterpark "Akvabrava"

    One of the most famous water parks in Spain Akvabrava situated near two national parks Parc Natural de Cap de Creus and Estany de Palau Visitors to the park offers many attractions 18 swimming pools and water slides But the most popular  enjoys

    Theatre-Museum of Salvador Dali

    See the world through the eyes of Salvador Dali plunge into the world of illusions and hoaxes quite possible to visit the museum theater famous master Strange transparent spherical dome that resembles a fly's eye adorns the ceiling of the building

    The village Perelada

    Perelada a small village in north eastern Catalan lands The village is famous for its vineyards of which make wonderful wine as well as the medieval fortress on the territory of which there is a museum a wine cellar a restaurant and a casino  

    Street Relay

    Street Relay probably one of the most extreme streets in the world This iconic street for ensera popular national custom which is an escape from the bulls and calves which are specifically released from the pen Almost half of the distance run 

    Ski resort Ordino

    One of the most popular ski resorts in Andorra Ordzіn village He is attractive in that the builders were able to provide a modern ski resort infrastructure not spoiled at this beautiful mountain landscapes In the village are  old churches

    House-museum of Salvador Dali in Port Liegat

    House Museum of Salvador Dali is located near the town of Cadaques on the shores of the Costa Brava House in Port Liegat favorite place in Dali and his wife Goals where they lived from 1930 until 1982 Spain a country with a rich history and cultural

    Languedoc canal

    Languedoc canal the Canal du Midi Canal du Midi all names of the same waterway is a true masterpiece of engineering Laid in the XVII century and which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea 240 km of the Canal du Midi and  Today it

    Basilica of Saint-Sernin

    Saint Sernin Basilica is the hallmark of Toulouse It is the largest Romanesque building which survives to this day Name associated with the name of the Basilica of St sulfuric (or Saturninus) former first bishop of Toulouse which  died in 257

    Mansion Asseza

    Asseza mansion is a striking example of the palace in the Renaissance style with elements of classicism He is located in the eponymous square about one kilometer south of Saint Sernin Basilica The mansion was built for a wealthy industrialist Pierre

    Museum of the past Toulouse

    In Toulouse many excellent museums and exhibitions Museum of the past Toulouse invites anyone interested in the history of this ancient city The museum exposition is extensive and includes many interesting exhibits The museum is located in Toulouse
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