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    Europa Park

    Europa Park a place of high concentration of entertainment and fun for people of all ages from children and ending with old ladies and gentlemen come here for fresh impressions 62 hectare park include 11 parts separated by geography each piece

    Chillon Castle

    Chillon Castle standing on a rock a little raised above the surface of the lake and is connected with the mainland bridge The combination of natural conditions and features of construction allowed the castle to control the strategically important

    Zoo in Basel

    Bazelskі Zoo ranks second in the list of the best zoos in the world According to him not by the territory is 600 species and more than 6 000 individuals The zoo is located in the heart of Basel which is very convenient a few minutes walk from

    Monument "Dying Lion"

    August 10 1792 King Louis XVI came under siege in his palace of the Tuileries His troops betrayed the head and went over to the people the king guarded the only true palace guard consisting of the Swiss Guards Louis not wanting to harm his people

    Notre Dame Cathedral

    The predecessor of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg was a Roman sanctuary which has existed on the site before the start of the VIII century The foundation stone of the cathedral was laid by Bishop Werner von Habsburg in the beginning of XI

    Glacier Garden

    Visitors to the museum created by nature itself be able to see the stages of the historical development of the land from the era of the last ice age to the Mesozoic era when there lapping warm sea and palm trees grew Ice cave is a geological

    Замок О’Кёнигсбург

    Название замка ОьКенигсбург переводится как Замок Короля Он был построен в первой половине XII века на стратегически важном месте на высоком холме над долиной Эльзаса До Тридцатилетней войны в первой половине XII века замок несколько  раз менял

    Cathedral of the Jesuits

    Cathedral of the Jesuits the first cathedral in Switzerland created in the Baroque style This church looks luxurious both outside and inside The interior of the cathedral was created mainly in the late XVII century The central nave and the choir

    Chapel Bridge

    Chapel Bridge one of the main attractions of Lucerne The bridge currently stands at 204 meters Thrown across the Reuss River Cities when he served part of the fortifications of Lucerne Kappelbryukke connects the old and new parts of the city In the

    Lake of the Four Cantons

    The name Lake of the Four Cantons due to the fact that the lake shore before washed four canton Uri Schwyz Unterwalden and Lucerne Firvaldshtetterzee shore surrounded by snow capped mountains and dense forests Lake pratochnym through the river Reuss
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