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    Thoiry Zoo

    • Thoiry, France
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      Approximately 40 km west of Paris is the town of Thoiry. Here in the castle of the XVI century was opened public park, later transformed into a zoo. From the usual zoo it differs in that its residents do not suffer in cages, and quietly go on garden. The territory of the park is about 98 hectares. Here walk rhinos, bears, buffalo, wildebeest, camels, zebras, hippos and other animals, where you can see driving along the road in a car or on a small train. Another part of the zoo in Thoiry is a zoo with enclosures that contain animals such as tigers, lynxes, monkeys, cheetahs, red pandas. There is also a maze.

      Enjoy a stroll through the garden, you can go on a tour of the castle. It is interesting not only for its rich decoration and a collection of portraits of the owners, but also the history associated with it. The first owner of the castle, Raul Mare, was treasurer of the court and the famous alchemist. In his house kept interesting books and paintings, and some pieces of furniture and interior testify to his unusual lesson. For example, the arch in the center of the castle at the same time are accurate sundial.

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