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    Vitre Chateau

    • Vitre, France
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      Castle got its name in honor of its founder, Baron Robert de Vitre, who in 1060 began the construction of the building. However, its original appearance has changed dramatically as a result of major reconstruction in the nineteenth century. The first castle was made of wood and could not stand the century, it was replaced by a stone building.

      The castle was considered more fort and served a defensive function, protecting the Duchy of Brittany from the invasion of the French kings. For this reason, the interior has not been given much attention, and every effort was made to ensure that strengthen the walls of the building. Construction periodically acquired new towers. For example, in 1420 there was a tower of St. Lawrence, for her, with the northern part of the castle, a tower Magdalene. 1430 has completed work on the construction of the tower and Montafilan and appeared gate with lift bridge. The walls of the fort were the perfect viewing platform from which the whole valley was provided at a glance.

      That all changed in 1487 when the castle passed into the hands of Baron Guy XV where Laval. French ennobled the interior of the castle and attached great importance to aesthetic appearance: the castle appeared gallery, a chapel and a portal.

      Today, any tourist can overcome the 82 steps to climb to the observation deck of the tower Montafilan and enjoy the view, which opens onto a quarter of the Black Hills, the village of Monks, the river and the old Vіlen leather factory.

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