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    Thoury Castle

    • Saint-Pourcain-sur-Besbre, France
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      Castle Tour - one of the oldest castles in France, located in a small town called Saint-Poor-sur-Besbr in the Department of Vichy. Was built in the XV century. The founders of the castle lords considered family Toure. After a few centuries building passed into possession of the family of horses, which continues to be the only of its rightful owner.

      Castle Tour is located on a small meadow, decorated with beautiful flower beds and green trees. He is a representative of Medieval castles, as indicated by the presence of the courtyard and high watchtowers and monotonous brick laying. In the building is a small stone bridge over the cumbersome passage in front of the tower, which is not intended for the protection of the territory and the courtyard, as is always open.

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