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    Saumur Castle

    • Varennes-sur-Loire, France
    • Saumur Castle$$
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    • Saumur Castle is one of the most beautiful and famous castles of the Loire. It is located in a picturesque location at the confluence of the Loire and the Thue. This castle is so beautiful that the famous King René of Anjou poet described it in his novel "Heart Enchanted Love "Calling his locks of love. The history of the place in which stands the castle of Saumur, is shrouded in mystery. It is known only that in the X century Comte de Blois built a small monastery cloister and a military fort. Since then began the history of the expense of Chateau de Saumur. Then, Count of Anjou depicted this fortress at the Comte de Blois. He completed the construction of one of the towers, to expand and strengthen it. Later it was again strengthened. And in 1203 by decree of King Philip Augustus Saumur Castle was included in the royal lands.
      In the years 1811-1814 the castle were carried out restoration work, during which the south-east wing of the castle was divided into a plurality of chambers for the future of the prison. But almost immediately after the prison became operational, the interim government issued ordered the release of all prisoners to freedom.
      In 1889 the castle Saumur ceased to be fortifications, and two years later was included in the list of national historic sites.
      In 1912, on the second floor was opened Municipal Museum. On the third floor is the Horse Museum.

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