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    Castle of Cheverny

    • Cheverny, France
    • Castle of Cheverny$$
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      Cheverny Castle, located in the same city the French department of Loir-et-Cher, on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Construction of the castle from 1624 to 1650 led by the famous architect Jacques Buzhe. This medieval building in pozdnerenessansom style of white stone with tall windows, symmetrical lines and bas-reliefs on the facade is still privately owned family Yura Yura descendants of Philip, commissioned by which it was built.

      Since 1914 Cheverny castle open to the public tourists, but continues to be a place of residence for a large family, which is reminiscent of several contemporary photographs in one of the halls, the interior of which is saved from the building. Everything here is reminiscent of the XVII century - furniture, portraits of owners of the castle by the best zhyvapіstsamі France, decorative elements premises. Cheverny Castle is now working as a medieval museum. Its territory is famous in the whole district kennel, whose inhabitants are not sitting idle, because the owners often hold dog hunting in the forests blizlezhayshih.

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