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    Castle of Chateaudun

    • Chateaudun, France
    • Castle of Chateaudun$$
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      Shatoden Castle - a palace residence of the Counts Island, which is located in Shatoden, near the city of Chartres. The castle was built in the XII-XVI centuries, is one of the castles of the Loire. If your trip will start from Paris, Shatoden - this is the first castle, which will meet on your way in Chartres.

      The castle consists of Shatoden Danjon (main tower of the castle), a large chapel, as well as of two wings - Island and Longueville, who are named in honor of graphs, in which were erected.
      Donjon was built under Count Theobald V, Count of Blois in 1170. In 1451 - 1493 years was built lower chapel. The upper chapel and the choir were built between 1451 and 1454 years, and the southern chapel and the nave - between 1460 and 1464 years.

      The west wing of the castle was built Shatoden commander Jean de Island in 1459-1468 years, this part of the castle is named in his honor. The bell tower appeared in 1493. Grandson of Jean Francois de Island I v'Orlean-Longueville built the floor of the north wing in 1469-1491 years. The castle also contains magnificent frescoes, including the fresco of the Last Judgment in the chapel Big chapel, which dates back to 1500 years.

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