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    Chantilly Castle

    • Vineuil-Saint-Firmin, France
    • Chantilly Castle$$
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      Surrounded by three forests in an area of ​​eight thousand acres of towering manor Chantilly. The history of the manor begins in 1484, when the French commune of Chantilly passed into the possession of the famous family of Montmorency. The estate was named the Château de Chantilly, where Chantilly - Roman name of the person who first built a villa on the land.

      In the seventeenth century the estate changed hands - sort of Montmorency was interrupted after the execution of its last representative. Then he settled here genus Conde, who owned the estate until 1830.

      Today the manor Chantilly is a museum. It houses a priceless collection of manuscripts and incunabula, rare collection of porcelain and more.

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