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    Castle Murol

    • Murol, France
    • Castle Murol$$
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      Murol Castle is a national historic landmark of the city of the same name in France, Puy de Dôme department. Was built in the XII century ruler of Murol and is considered the last building, which was founded by his family. From the beginning, the castle was assigned to defense of the city, its powerful and rugged walls deterred enemies to bring hope to the civilian population. Today it belongs to the local authorities and year-round hosts, showing them the ancient customs of the local people.

      Murol castle built quite a long time, XII and XIV century. During the tenure of the castle Guillaume de Sam was finished second chapel and a few buildings, and with Mr. Jean Estaing Castle raped by two watchtowers and decoration in the Renaissance style.

      After the French Revolution Murol miraculously survived and was used as a prison, and eventually he wanted to do from the quarry, but the building in time transferred to the ownership of local authorities, according to the decree which was carried out restoration, which returned the primordial sights medieval appearance.

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