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    Castle Monmyuran

    • Saint-Brieuc-des-Iffs, France
    • Castle Monmyuran$$
    • +33 02 99 45 88 88
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      Monmyuran Castle was built in the XI century lord Tanteniak. After two centuries it was renovated, being heavily damaged during the military conflict with King Henry II. Since then kept the two towers. In the XIV century castle appearance dramatically changed - there was a chapel and a small additional strengthening.

      At the sight of the castle there is a feeling that we face - medieval picture: two powerful round towers with battlements, a drawbridge over the moat water and lowers the grille.

      With the towers of the castle Monmyuran a beautiful view, and in addition you can stay for the night. Those who had the opportunity to spend the night in the castle, hardly forget that strange feeling that is felt in the midst of the mighty walls and admiring the magnificent old stained glass windows.

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