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    Castle Mont Saint-Michel

    • Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France
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      In France, Mont Saint-Michel is inferior in popularity only to the Eiffel Tower and Versailles. According to legend, the castle of Mont Saint-Michel (then Abbey) was built on the orders of Archbishop Aubert back in 709. Archbishop three times in the dream was the Archangel Michael and ordered to build a castle on the rock, which rises above the sea. After that Aubert, according to legend, began to build.

      The first stone church was erected on the island of the Normans, and then there was a Benedictine monastery. Castle Monastery is gaining momentum and has gradually become a popular destination for pilgrims. In the XII century Abbot Roger brings a stone tower on the northern slope. Today there are located the Knights' Hall and the Refectory. The architecture is similar to the refectory of the Romanesque nave, there is still a great acoustics. Castle Mont Saint-Michel has been nicknamed by the people "provincial Bastille", because here contain mostly political prisoners. Even in the times of Louis XI here were built of stone cells in which the prisoner could neither sit nor stand - in fact, the cooler. In 1863, the prison was canceled, work began on the restoration. And since 1979, the castle of Mont-Saint-Michel is a World Heritage Site and protected by UNESCO.

      By bastyenah lock is not recommended to walk alone, especially during the tides. Water rises so rapidly that there is a risk not to have time to run to the walls. Twice a year, the castle becomes an island: one day the water level rises 10 meters. The creator of "Notre Dame" by Victor Hugo, was so stunned beauty of this majestic castle, called it "a pyramid in the ocean." The castle is huge and very beautiful. But all his greatness can only be seen up close.

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