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    Langeais Castle

    • Langeais, France
    • Langeais Castle$$
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      Castle Lange began its history in the tenth century, when the first stone was laid by Count Fulco Black. The fortress was built on a cliff. When Fulk was more like a fortress of stone mansion. All that changed with the arrival on the throne of Richard the Lion Heart. It was during the reign of the legendary King Castle Lange was rather extended to perform its core functions.

      The oldest surviving French fortresses saw many wars and battles. In 1206 the castle was conquered by Philip Lange II, and during the Hundred Years War badly damaged during the siege by the British.

      Form in which the castle was preserved to the present day, was finally formed under Louis XI. Interestingly, the castle Lange - one of the few castles, fully retained its functionality drawbridge.

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