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    Castle Dunois

    • Beaugency, France
    • Castle Dunois$$
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      Castle Island, located in a small town in the center of Beaugency France, was built of gray stone in the Romanesque style in 1440 with characteristic battlements, a watchtower and a tower, enclosed with the same shape and size of the arches, which are based on columns or pillars. It was built by order of Jean de Island, famous for the Hundred Years War commander who fought side by side with Jeanne v'L. He married Mary v'Arkur became lord Beaugency and the castle was his place of residence about 20 years.

      Over the centuries the castle 3, as long as the aristocratic families not been harassed after the revolution, was the possession of descendants of Jean de Island. Then there lived in homeless shelters established by local authorities, were treated in the sanatorium patients, and is currently located in the castle "Regional Museum of Arts and Traditions Orleans" on three floors of which contains a collection of exhibits describing the life and customs of the inhabitants of Beaugency and is 20 kilometers away Orleans.

      The museum is also possible to get acquainted with the life and work of the founder of the popular literature - writer Ezhena Xu. Medieval interior preserved only on the second floor in the main part of the building.

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