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    Castle d-Oraison

    • Oraison, France
    • Castle d-Oraison$$
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      Castle d-Oraison - castle, which is located in the French city of Oraison. It is built of brick and stone. This place attracts a lot of fans of the Middle Ages, in its territory held jousting tournaments and a variety of role-playing games. Its appearance resembles a typical construction of a fortress with a massive round tower.

      This architectural heritage of the medieval period, acquired in 1720 the Marquis Oraison. Until 1789 the castle passed from generation to generation, then was sold in 1806. Then on the first floor is a "factory" for growing silkworm, 1950 the castle was abandoned. At the moment, the building is in its original form, it carried out restoration work.

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