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    Castle Burbanse

    • Pleugueneuc, France
    • Castle Burbanse$$
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      Burbanse Castle was built in 1583 by a man named Jean du Breuil. At first he had much smaller than it is today - consisted only of the central facade and two towers. The first changes were made in the XVII century during the construction of the west facade, adjacent to the broken around the castle garden. They were designed by the then owner of the castle in order to arrange extra space for guests to take them in luxury and show off their wealth and high status. Exactly therefore the building added two wings and the first floor of the castle turned into a real salon for social receptions. Guests can stay here for a long time - a month or even more.

      The facade of the castle are made in the style of the Renaissance, with neat, symmetrical windows - elements of medieval architecture (as well as the keep and ditches).

      In addition to beautiful architecture and a beautiful garden with a luxurious castle Burbanse established a small zoo with exotic animals and birds. The collection includes a fascinating show with dogs, you can take part in feeding the animals. The castle and garden tours are held regularly.

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