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    Castle Beauregard

    • Cellettes, France
    • Castle Beauregard$$
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      Beauregard Castle, located in the department of Loir-et-Cher, 10 kilometers from the city of Blois, consists of two parts, built at different times. Most of the castle was created in 1545 when its owner was Secretary of State Henry II Jean de Thiers, Senor de Beauregard, whose name still bears the castle. Since then, have original frescoes kamіnnyya and a fireplace in the Italian style, which is in the Grand Gallery. In 1617 the castle was bought Paul Beauregard Arder, military treasurer. In his order the building was completed in the Renaissance style of white stone, with bas-reliefs on the pediment, arched entrances and symmetrical lines.

      To decorate the interior of the castle Arder invited the best artists of the country, the main business of which was the Portrait Gallery of 26 meters in length. It has survived 327 portraits of famous French and foreign government officials, from kings and queens to the marshals and treasurer. Sex Galleries posted 5500 faience tiles, the ceiling is made of blue lapis lazuli - one of the most expensive minerals in the XVII century. The castle still living descendants Ardera, but he is open to visitors tourists who can enjoy the interiors of the Middle Ages, and, of course, visit the famous portrait gallery.

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