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    Castle Belloc

    • Bellocq, France
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      Belloc Castle was built in Aquitaine Gaston IV Moncada at the end of the XIII century. Today, the castle is classified as a historical monument of France. Its construction was stretched to more than thirty years - from 1250 to 1280.

      Since its inception, the castle Belloc was designed for relatively large garrison, he was the Vicomte de Béarn housing. Fortress built on a relatively simple architectural designs without a central tower, is an irregular quadrangle, which is supported by four round towers, semicircular and two square towers. In one of the towers and is the main entrance to the building.

      Although the castle today is outdated, old medieval fortress is still very impressive, and it is easy to imagine how it looked in its heyday. The castle and its surroundings are currently owned by a private owner and Municipality Belloc.

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