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    Castle Alleuze

    • Alleuze, France
    • Castle Alleuze$$
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      Alleuze Castle is located in the commune of Alez in France. Was built in the XIII century and is now the old castle Cantal department. Its founders and first owners were bishops Avernі and worked on the Exaltation of the fortress guards the city. Castle is to the era of the Middle Ages and today has its original appearance.

      The facility was built in the shape of a square with a courtyard and round towers at the corners, which was typical of the architecture of the XIV century. Also on the grounds of the castle is the old chapel called Saint-Illide, which was established in XIII-XV centuries.

      During the Hundred Years War, the castle was captured by the British under the leadership of Bernard de Guerlain, who for seven years, robbing and destroying everything in its path. The only solution was to burn the lock to prevent its capture by the receivers Bernard that the townspeople did in 1405.

      After some time, the building was rebuilt to the original form, and in the towers were created by order of the prison department of the bishops of Clermont. In 1927, the French Ministry of Culture Alleuze Castle was declared a historical monument. Now he is in dilapidated condition.

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