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    Castles of Loire

    • Asnieres-sur-Vegre, France
    • Castles of Loire$$
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    • Castles of Loire - one of the main attractions of the Loire Valley. Loire separates France to the south and north. French kings, when he liked the area of ​​climate and landscape, turned in the Loire Valley
      Kingdom Hearts 15 - 16 centuries. Before you turn in the palaces of the French court, future masterpieces of the Renaissance were merely defensive.

      Each of the 40 locks is critical - its walls some castles took dignitaries, others saw life and death of the great men, and others witnessed the signing of important documents, and a fourth did not see anything, but just stunningly beautiful.  

      The most famous castles of the Loire Valley: Fontainebleau, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Beauregard, Brass, Valencia, Chaverny, meyan, Uss, Syulі, Chenonceau, Monsoreau, Angers, Chinon, Lange, Le Lude, La Flèche, Chambord, Pons, Azay le Rideau, Lyuyn, Azay Le Feron, Losch, Montresor, Blois, La Bret, wind, Le Rocher, Brissac, Montreuil-Bellay, Amboise, Uaron, Shatabryyan, Gulen and Laval

      Emergency power of the Middle Ages, fabulous excursions to nearby villages, delicious French cuisine make the journey to the castle of the Loire attractive both for tourists and for locals

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