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    Winery Saumur

    • Saumur, France
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      "A unique place for this wine tasting" - the motto of Saumur wine. The quality of its products is confirmed by the age of the winery. And it existed during the time of the Gauls and the Holy Roman Empire.

      Since the end of the XI century Loire Valley due to frequent traders here has become a famous place, and the regions of Anjou and Saumur, in which vygadoўvaўsya excellent grapes and making wine, and did become famous. However, the wine from Saumur made famous case, but rather successful Count marriage Anzhuyskaga Geoffroy V on Matilda, daughter of King Henry I, which happened in the XII century. Since that time, the wine town of Saumur became popular at the English court.

      Besides winemaking local population involved in the formulation of limestone, which was used to build forts, temples and houses. So near Saumur were large underground galleries. In the middle of the XX century the famous distillery bought the cave for 10 km, which now has its own cellar. Here, in an ideal location (temperature and humidity in the caves constant) for the fermentation of white, red and sparkling wines are arranged shelves with thousands of bottles. And it's certainly a beautiful place to taste the world-famous French wine.

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