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    The Church of St. Vincent

    • Metz, France
    • The Church of St. Vincent$$
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      The history of the church (or rather, the abbey) St. Vincent and Vincent, located on the island Shamber, is rooted in the tenth century. Then there was built a modest chapel where they prayed the congregation from the suburbs. She stood up to 968 years when the bishop Mezzo Teadaryh I decided to organize this place a monastery in honor of St. Vincent.

      To the XIII century, the abbey of St. Vincent was not only an influential monastery, but this educational center, which has received recognition throughout Lorraine. Around the same time the management of the monastery decided that the old buildings have become too close and not worthy of such a high status. In 1248 the old church was demolished and in 1376 built in its place a new one. This church has survived to the present day. Over the next few centuries the monastery grew, increased new buildings, old buildings restored. Did not stop work and to improve the decorative finish of the church.

      During the French Revolution, there has been arranged stable, but in 1803 returned to the church to function. During the reign of Napoleon III are beautiful stained glass windows were installed by master Marechal with Mezzo. In addition, the facade of the monastery decorated statues and bas-reliefs, painting in the history of suffering martyrdom of Saints Vincent and Lucius.

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