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    Church of the Holy Evkariya

    • Metz, France
    • Church of the Holy Evkariya$$
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      Church of the Holy Evkariya in Metz was built in honor of the first bishop of the German city of Trier. In the V century the first church building, which over the centuries has changed and reconstruct, to have survived perfectly preserved. In the XII century bell tower was built here, made in the Romanesque style, and in the XV century were built the nave and choir, which survived until our days. In 1863 the local master Marechal made to the church beautiful stained glass windows.

      On the temple of the Holy Evkariya closely connected to the tradition of honoring the holy martyr Saint Blaise, according to legend, who was able to heal diseases of the throat. Hailing the saint was a native of Armenia and in the Middle Ages enjoyed great popularity, survived his numerous drawings. In the cult of Saint Vlas Mets came thanks to the initiative of one of the most influential families of the city. In the XV century representative of this dynasty built an altar in the church of Sveti Vlas saint Evkariya where after were brought the relics of the saint. During the French Revolution relics from the church disappeared, but two faithful believer managed to save and return to the place.

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