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    Church of St. Bruno

    • Lyon 04, France
    • Church of St. Bruno$$
    • +33 4 78 28 41 68
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      Church of St. Bruno is located on a hill in the historic quarter of the Croix Rousse, who was famous in the Middle Ages for its tradition of weaving and silk production. This temple, built in the XVI century for the monks of the Order of kartezіyanskіh is the only baroque Church in Lyon.

      From the original facade of the church has survived only oval window, located on the second floor. In 1870, when the church was opened for parishioners, were added to the column, framing the window and gable with symbolizing the Holy spirit dove. Then at the entrance appeared Ionic Doric columns and pilasters. In the niche of the third floor was a statue of St. Bruno of Cologne. Around the same time in the temple appeared organ sound is considered to be one of the most the rich and powerful in Lyon. The interior of the temple is also sculptures of the XVII century, among which a statue of St. John the Baptist. The author of the sculpture was a French sculptor Jacques Sarazen, who became famous for his sculptures made to decorate the main altar of the Paris church of Saint-Nicolas-de-Shan.

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