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    Notre-Dame-du-Vё in Cherbourg

    • Hameau Guerry, France
    • Notre-Dame-du-Vё in Cherbourg$$
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      Notre-Dame-du-Be - one of the shrines of the XIX century French proud of Cherbourg. Its simplicity of form conveys all the sincerity and warmth of priests. Here it seems that even the air is saturated with love of life.

      The temple was built on the site of the Abbey of Our Lady of the Vow, founded 1145. The building intertwined Romanesque style, the architect used as the basis for the central room, and the Gothic towers option. Latest located on both side of the entrance of the church building. Another feature of the shrine has a beautiful stucco window in the form of sharp arches. They began in a row along the entire length of Notre-Dame-du-Be, what contributed to the introduction of large amounts of sunlight into the room.

      Also pay attention to the interior of the church. Unfortunately, through the events of the Second World War, many valuable relics could not be saved. Now here is an attractive wooden altar, created in 1885. Recently, he was recognized as historic monument of France. Also, the room is decorated with the church organ of the XIX century. All church furniture is perfectly combined with stained glass by local craftsmen.

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