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    Cathedral of Bayeux

    • Bayeux, France
    • Cathedral of Bayeux$$
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    • The city is famous Bayeux tapestry famous - the carpet of the 11th century, woven especially for the decoration of the old cathedral of Normandy - Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Unfortunately, the carpet is elsewhere. However, all of the majestic church is also considered one of the main attractions of the French town of Bayeux. In addition, the cathedral is part perfectly preserved medieval buildings of the complex, which consists of a library, the Chapter hall and bishop's palace. Today, he is a valuable national architectural and historical monument.

      The cathedral was founded in the 11th century as a church in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In Gallo-Roman times to the site of the present cathedral was located City Forum, founded in the 3rd century. In times of Meravіngaў here was built the first cathedral, destroyed fire. Already in the 11th century it was replaced by a new Romanesque church. Since then, the cathedral was rebuilt many times and rekanstruyavaўsya. Only in the 15th century it acquired its final form.

      Majestic temples built over four centuries, characterized by a mixture of architectural styles - Romanesque and Gothic. The architecture of the modern cathedral preserved fragments of the ancient church - the tower of the main facade and crypt. The rich interior of the church is characterized by splendid stained-glass windows of the 19th century, as well as colorful ornaments columns, created by artists of the 11th century.

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