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    St. Stephen's Cathedral

    • Metz, France
    • St. Stephen's Cathedral$$
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      Metz was one of the main religious centers in France since ancient times. Of course any of Bishop Gregory of Tours, that after the destruction of the Huns Mezzo April 7 451 only resisted Chapel of St. Stephen, built on the site of an ancient sanctuary.   

      The history of the cathedral dates back far into the past. Of the sources of the VIII century it is known that the bishop Chrodegang organized the construction in the ancient sanctuary - in this period built some parts of the temple. In 869, the church hosted the coronation of Charles II. In 965-984 years was reconstructed Cathedral of the means of King Otto I and Otto II.

      During archaeological excavations carried out in the twentieth century, it was found that the modern cathedral stands almost exactly on the site of the ancient basilica. And in 1220 it was decided to build in Metz large cathedral dedicated to St. Stephen. Since then, it took six construction periods and the duration of the work amounted to almost 300 years. Consecration of the new cathedral of 11 April 1552 ..

      St. Stephen's Cathedral is a fine example of Gothic architecture. Its facades are decorated with sculptures and carvings. Due to its size Cathedral is one of the largest in France. However, its main attraction is the magnificent stained-glass windows XIV and XVI centuries - this is where there is the largest collection of stained glass in area of ​​France. Among them - and 19 stained glass work of Marc Chagall.

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