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    Notre Dame Cathedral

    • Arrondissement de Strasbourg-Ville, France
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      The predecessor of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg was a Roman sanctuary, which has existed on the site before the start of the VIII century. The foundation stone of the cathedral was laid by Bishop Werner von Habsburg in the beginning of XI century. The nave and the dome of the cathedral at time were made of wood. Broke out in 1015 a fire destroyed the temple again, and the townspeople decided to rebuild it again, but this time entirely of stone. From the nearby quarry Vosges sandstone brought thanks to shade walls of the cathedral got a unique pink color, often inspired poets to create vivid poetic images.

      Beautiful part is considered to be the western facade, which are thousands of beautiful sculptures and decorative patterns of stone, it looks great especially at sunset. Very nice stained glass windows of the cathedral, during the Second World War were removed and taken to Germany, but returned after the war.

      Tourists also enjoy the astronomical clock built in 1832. Their unique mechanism showing the orbit of the Earth, Moon and several planets known at that time (from Mercury to Saturn). Slowly spinning circle and hours that shows precession of the Earth's axis - a turnover of 25.800 years.

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