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    Chateau de Raval

    • Tourlaville, France
    • Chateau de Raval$$
    • +33 233878926
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      Chateau de Ravaglia - the famous castle of the XVI century in the suburbs of the city of Cherbourg. He charms his royal luxury and huge adjoining territory. The building, built in the Renaissance style, served the favorite residence of the king. From the tenth century, it passed into the possession of the family Ravaglia, which glorified these places. Since 1995, the castle was awarded the title of the historical monument of France.

      This is a huge family estate has carried through the ages old story of forbidden love. Kids Count de Ravaglia, Marguerite and Julien accused of incest, fled to Paris, where they suffered the curse of Jean III. Lovers executed on the Place de Greve.

      Construction for all of their existence have seen many tragic events. During the Second World War it served as a military hospital premises for the wounded, and after the liberation from the occupants were used as the headquarters of the Allied forces.

      Chateau de Ravaglia attracts with its elegant architectural composition. The castle consists of a central body and two round towers with pointed roofs. All couched in a strict, precise manner of the architect. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden with exotic plants and the clear waters of a small pond.

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