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    Chateau de Belcastel

    • Belcastel, France
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      Chateau de Belcastel - is the castle that dominates the village of the same name in the center of the department of Aveyron. It was built on a picturesque cliff a few centuries ago. Behind the facade of a majestic palace lies its exciting and unusual story. Even in the 8th century by the villagers Belcastel on the rock was built a chapel, two centuries later occupied by royal troops and turned into a bastion.

      At the end of the 14th century medieval fortifications were presented Sonyaku knight as a reward for service to the king. The new owner has turned into a fortress castle, built a new bridge and a new church. From the 16th century, after the death of all the heirs, the palace was empty for a long time, while in 1973 it ruins were discovered by French architect Fernand Pouillon. Fascinated by these places the artist undertook the restoration of the fortress, and after eight years of renovations lived in the castle.

      Modern Chateau de Belcastel is a private property, but the hosts periodically arrange tours of the castle. An hour of exciting travel, tourists can explore five yards of the estate and more than 10 rooms of the palace, as well as enjoy panoramic views of the River Aveyron.

      Château de Belcastel really unique monument of art and architecture past and present. Since the 80s of the 20th century the castle exhibitions of contemporary art. In addition, there is a weapon gallery, which includes exposure medieval armor.

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