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    Chartres Cathedral

    • Chartres, France
    • Chartres Cathedral$$
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      Chartres Cathedral, located in the small town of Chartres in northern France, on the river Aire, 90 km north-west of Parizha.Katolichesky Cathedral - the greatest creation of Gothic architecture and European Christian culture, is still nowadays almost untouched. Situated high on a hill above the town, which was awarded the title of "the Acropolis of France."
      On the facade of the Cathedral of two towers, which differ in height and appearance. Earlier, 1134-1150 years, the north tower has a Romanesque occasion, and is crowned by a tower tracery tent, decorated with whimsical stone lace, was completed only in beginning of the XVI century. The south tower, called "old bell tower", closer Gothic and maintained in a similar style to the main building of the cathedral.
      Interior of the Cathedral just attracts the eye. Between arcades and upper rows of windows of the central nave is triforium, massive columns of the cathedral is surrounded by four powerful pilasters. In Chartres Cathedral set of stained glass windows, is written very Rich and clear colors and patterns have different subjects.

      Paul cathedral decorated with ancient maze of 1205. It symbolizes the path of the believer to God and is still used by pilgrims for meditation. Through the maze of the cathedral there is only one way.

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