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    Gardens Castillon

    • Castillon, France
    • Gardens Castillon$$
    • +33 2 31 92 56 03
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    • Castillon Gardens - beautiful park, located in the eponymous village near the town of Bayeux, Normandy region. This place is unique for its atmosphere of home comfort. Each visitor can walk anywhere in the garden, feel and smell any plant, relax in the arboretum, and when you come to buy seeds favorite colors.

      The history of the garden began in 1975, when the famous industrialist and farmer Hubert Saint-Beth and his wife decided to buy a piece of land to be divided on this point a small residence. However, in the first year of the cold climate and high humidity ruined almost all flowers and fruit trees.

      Then it was decided to bring special plants from the UK are resistant to the harsh climate. This lesson is so fascinated married couple, they decided to make their garden a real flower nursery. Since 1982, the gardens take Castillon participate in one of the largest specialized floristic shows France Courson.

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