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    Rouen Cathedral

    • Rouen, France
    • Rouen Cathedral$$
    • +33 2 35 71 51 23
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      Rouen Cathedral well known even without guides and numerous reference books, especially among fans of the Impressionists.
      Delicate outlines of the temple of the great Claude Monet inspired to create 36 paintings. Awesome, elegant, incredibly huge Rouen Cathedral, stands proudly among the narrow city streets. At the end of the XIX century Rouen Cathedral Notre Dame was high in world building. Its powerful and elegant at the same time the walls fascinate its incredible, almost divine beauty. To appreciate the size of this grand building, tourists have much lift my head, otherwise it just does not fit in the field of view fully.
      Pointed spire Ruanskaga Notre Dame Cathedral dates back to the height of 152 meters to the XII century, equal to it almost impossible to find. The left tower of the cathedral was built in the Early Gothic, and the right construction ended only in the XVI century. Some windows of the cathedral decorated with stained-glass windows of the XIII century, made famous by spetsyfіchnamu blue hue, more commonly known as "Chartres blue". Stunning beauty of stained glass Flaubert described in the immortal novel "Madame Bovary."

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