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    The ruins of the Roman theater

    • Fourviere, France
    • The ruins of the Roman theater$$
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      Antique theater complex in Lyon is one of the oldest in Gaul. It includes the actual amphitheater and the Odeon, the walls of which 2,000 years ago actors, singers and musicians comforting taste of the inhabitants of one of the largest cities of the Roman Empire. Building amphitheater began 15 BC, during the reign of Emperor Augustus. First on one of the slopes of a hill in Lugdunum (Lyon since then called) was erected classical theater, whose diameter is 90 meters. Then, when in the II century AD era, the era of Hadrian was completed the third row stands, theater diameter increased to 108 meters, and the capacity was 10 000 spectators.

      About the same time work on the completion of the theater, next to it was built and Odeon. Its diameter of 73 meters, and in the stands could accommodate 3,000 spectators. Odeon was built on the roof, so whatever the weather here can be carried out performances readers and concerts, whose popularity in no way inferior to the theater, the amphitheater.
      As for the decorative finishing Odeon, it is not inferior to his older brother. The floor was paved with precious stones, which are brought from all corners of the vast empire. Greece carried green Parfіr from Egypt - Red Parfіr and granite, from Africa - yellow marble from Asia Minor - purple and red.

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