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    Beach Montalivet

    • Montalivet-les-Bains, France
    • Beach Montalivet$$
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      France has always been considered a country of love and romance, and often recognized place of eroticism and sexual liberation. Montalivet - is perhaps the most famous nudist beach resort in France.

      But this is not just another version of a naked vacation, this place has its own history. It was here in the mid-twentieth century, going then banned nudists, collecting international federation Naturystaў registered with UNESCO, here was the first Nude conference and it was here the first time officially allowed nudzіzm, so this place special.
      Montalivet - a rather large area, which belongs to the fans of fusion with nature and the opponent tan with white stripes on swimwear, with a whole complex of cottages, bungalows, camping, shops and children's centers, what attracts many families.

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