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    Peak Puy de Sancy

    • Mont-Dore, France
    • Peak Puy de Sancy$$
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      Puy-de-Sansі - mountain peak in France, the highest point of the Massif Central. Is part of an ancient stratavulkan that is already inactive more than 220 thousand years. Located near Puy-de-Dome, Auvergne region. Top, the height of which is 1578 meters, is part of the group of volcanoes Mont-Dore. Mount composed effusions (igneous rocks). The mountain can be reached by cable car.

      The northern and southern slopes of the mountain Puy-de-Sansі used for skiing. In the south-western slope of the ski resort Super Besse. Ski and ride here to see prices since the beginning of the XX century. The story began in 1905, when skiing on a mountain to climb two local priest. Until 1936 was built cable car to Mont Dora to one of the needle top.

      Puy-de-Sansі covered with forests, alpine flora prevails here, including some rare species in the Massif Central, such as Soldanella alpine, mountain avens, Erigeron Alpine, dryyady vosmilepestnaya. As regards fauna, there live chamois, mouflon and marmots.

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