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    Cave Trois Frères

    • Montesquieu-Avantes, France
    • Cave Trois Frères$$
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    • Trois Frères - a cave in France, where it was found many examples of prehistoric art. The cave is located in the south-west of the country, in the commune of Montesquieu - Avant, Ariege department, region Midi - Pyrénées. Title in French means "Three Brothers . "The opening of the cave was in 1910.

      The cave was named in honor of the discoverers of the cave, the three brothers, the sons of Count Beguana. Paintings found in the cave were made in the 13th century BC. These samples of prehistoric art became famous after were published Abbot Henri Breuil. On the walls of the cave about 350 figures depicted. This bison, horses, rhinos, as well as several anthropomorphic images.

      In 2011, the cave collapsed ground, revealing the entrance to the great hall, measuring 60 by 30 meters. It was found cave paintings of animals that have not yet been able to identify. Besides images, it was found a large number of human skulls very strange shape - they are highly elongated.

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