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    Lower Town

    • Carcassonne, France
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      In the southern part of France is a very beautiful city of Carcassonne. The city is divided into two very different parts: Upper and Lower town, known as the Bastide.

      Lower Town stretches along the banks of the Aude still was protected by walls with ramparts, and today - is the Boulevard Ring, a length of 3 meters. Bastide consists of numerous homes and buildings for administrative purposes. The building is located in the shape of a regular hexagon, the corners of which are decorated with high medieval bastions. All the streets of the Lower city stop in one central point - Place Carnot. Most of the street is only for pedestrians.

      The basic, frequently visited places by tourists, should include Cathedral of St. Archangel Michael and the Church of St. Vincent and the Carmelites, which is also decorated Bastide.

      Lower town of Carcassonne, different old buildings and houses, so it is protected by the state as a historical monument.

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