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    German Gate

    • Metz, France
    • German Gate$$
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      Gate of the Germans - the only surviving fragment of the city's fortifications place. December 3, 1966, they were included in the list of historical monuments. When the gates equipped with towers and battlements, were part of a stone bridge over the river Selle. Gates received its name in honor of the Teutonic Knights, a hospital which was located nearby.

      Construction of the city's fortifications began here in 1230, and in 1445 to manage the traffic on the bridge were built gate, consisting of two round towers, the architectural appearance of which was quite rigorous, deprived of a large number of decorative elements, excluding a small amount zoomorphic. To have survived only this part of the ramparts, which reached a total length of seven kilometers, and thickness - 3.5 meters. On the arch of the inscription of the XVI century, retained references the initiators of the construction and architects.

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