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    Vanoise National Park

    • Le Chatelard, France
    • Vanoise National Park$$
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      Vanoise - first and foremost among the national parks of France, located to the south of Mont Blanc, near the Italian National Park of Gran Paradiso. As in the case of the Gran Paradiso, Vanoise owes its entry into the ranks of the security of national parks his mountain Kazlų, because a few decades ago, local stone goats were threatened with destruction. And with mountain goats are struggling to keep a kind of Capricorn, marmots, eagles and owls.

      Tourists discovered two areas of the park: central and peripheral surrounding the center and limiting the access of tourists to the wilderness.

      Landscapes Vanoise - picture postcard: green alpine meadows, endless valleys, dense forests, rocky mountains. Among the alpine flowers are found the famous edelweiss, alpine bells and gentian. Together with the adjacent Gran Paradiso Vanoise forms one of the largest protected areas in Western Europe.

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