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    La Croisette

    • Cannes, France
    • La Croisette$$
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      Croisette --American "Broadway", which stretches along the Bay of Cannes from the harbor, where there are luxury yachts and the Palais des Festivals to the prestigious Palm Beach Casino. February 9 2001ulitsu brought to the Total list of cultural heritage of France.

      Quay was built in the middle of the XIX century on the road, dates back to the era of Roman rule. In the early twentieth century was the Croisette Boulevard royals and musicians. Nothing has changed, except that became even more pompous and expensive: the famous hotels Carlton, Majestic, Martinez, luxury galleries, boutiques of famous fashion designers, luxury Jaguar and Bentley, which lead to a screeching halt price tags.

      Peerless beaches along the Croisette with specially imported sand here is intended not touching tourist delight and the "I" of private owners. All beaches are paid - in fact it's the Croisette!

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