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    Museum of Time

    • Besancon, France
    • Museum of Time$$
    • +33 03 81 87 81 50
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      Museum of time in Besancon, located in the palace of Granvelle, in 2002 began to take tourists. The theme of time that combines history and hours, prompted the creation of the new museum. The museum's collections store a 1500 hours, pendulums, and about 2,000 engravings related to hours, starting from the XVI to XIX century, as well as a variety of tools, machinery, equipment, scientists of the past and the present, drawn from European high-tech laboratories, quartz crystals and oscillators.

      Museum of time has several collections, which consist of the Museum of Fine Arts and the museum's collection history. Besancon became the capital of watchmaking France under the influence of Swiss watchmakers, who settled there in the late eighteenth century. 
      On the first floor of the museum presented a plan to the city of Besancon. Foucault's Pendulum, 13.11 meters high, set in the tower of the palace Granvelle, allows you to clearly see the rotation of the Earth. Moreover, at the top of the tower, the palace Granvelle offers visitors a great view of the city.

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