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    Moulin Rouge

    • Paris 17 Batignolles-Monceau, France
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      Le Moulin Rouge - the place where the legendary French cancan dancing, the place where he first saw the place where dreams become reality, and Paris takes pride of place in my heart and dreams. The above-mentioned "French Cancan" highlight "Moulin Rouge" from 1850, when he came up with Celestin Moghadam. However, it was then called "natural quadrille."

      Show sustained at a high level: many artists, singing, dancing, suddenly a pool with snakes, immediately ponies and incomparable women are not inferior to them in beautiful costumes. By the way, ladies dancing topless, so that children, if they are not accustomed to such pictures, better with him not to take. Shaw never claimed the status of high art, however, has become for many for them.

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