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    Memorial in Le Quesnel

    • Le Quesnel, France
    • Memorial in Le Quesnel$$
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      Memorial in Le Quesnel - this Canadian war memorial erected in honor of the achievements of the Canadian Army in 1918. Battle of Amiens during the First World War was the beginning of the collapse of the German army, it is in memory of these events and a memorial was erected. 

      At the end of the war the Imperial Canadian Military Commission decided to establish several monuments, namely: three in France and five in Belgium. In October 1922 a competition was announced for the best sculptors of the design of the memorial, with the result that it was selected two architects who have made memorials, and their exact copies of identical monuments were erected in other countries.

      Memorial itself is a white granite blocks on which the English and French languages, made a brief description of the battle. It is located in a small park and the surrounding area is lined with white marble tiles. Space for memorials to choose exactly where to military actions.

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