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    Gare de Lyon

    • Chamarande, France
    • Gare de Lyon$$
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      Gare de Lyon is located in Paris's 12th district. This station belongs to the six major railway stations. The name of this station is given in honor of the city of the same name Lyon.

      The first platform was opened in 1849. A little later, the project Sendra FA was built and the station building. In 1871, during the Paris Commune, it is completely burned. Through the efforts of the Toulon architect Marius Tuduara in Great Exhibition 1900 the building was restored.

      A distinctive feature of the Gare de Lyon from thousands of the world's 67 square-meter tower clock. The building consists of several levels-floors.

      From the Gare de Lyon for trains towards the south-east of the country, in the Alps, Greece, Italy.

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