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    Languedoc canal

    • Les Minimes, France
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      Languedoc canal, the Canal du Midi Canal du Midi - all names of the same waterway, is a true masterpiece of engineering. Laid in the XVII century and which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, 240 km of the Canal du Midi and Today, it continues to fascinate the imagination. Construction of the canal lasted for 14 years, worked on the construction of its 15,000 workers. With the completion of construction in 1681 in the Languedoc rapid development of trade.
      The number of different structures in the channel has 328 objects, including gateways, bridges, dams and even a tunnel 173 meters long, laid under the hill.

      Thanks to the gateway, which on the Canal du Midi more than a hundred, then a channel rises, then descends. The total height difference of 190 meters.

      Near the town of Beziers, located 25 kilometers from the Mediterranean coast, is a unique cascade of 8 waterfalls, created by Pierre-Paul Rica. On the banks of the channel rise centenary plane trees and poplars, which create a pleasant shade and protection from the hot summer sun. While traveling through the Canal du Midi, you can cross the three incredibly beautiful French provinces, each of which history is full of events, and the locals cherish traditions and willing to share their with their guests.

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