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    Cours de Voras

    • Lyon, France
    • Cours de Voras$$
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      Courthouse in Lyon, built in about 1840 - is a place that is a symbol of the important events in the history of the city. At the courthouse attached plaque inscription which indicates that in this house defended Lyons weavers their lives, honor and dignity.
      Name "Cur de Voraces" comes from a group of workers who have distinguished themselves in a series of national revolts that broke out in 1848 and 1849.

      Courthouse played an important role during the revolt, becoming a haven for rebellious weavers. And during the Second World War, the narrow streets - trabuli unknown foreign invaders helped the rebels, because they were so easy to escape from the observation occupiers. With this near Croix-Rousse was deployed active underground activity, one of the centers of which was the courthouse. All this formed the aura around him a symbol of resistance.

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