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    Cathedral of Saint-Pierre

    • Rennes, France
    • Cathedral of Saint-Pierre$$
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      That part of the city, where the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre, was known in the VI century. In the XII century began the construction of the cathedral, and at the end of the XV century he had the west wing and the bell tower. Over the next 200 years was built facade preserved to our days. Its construction was carried out in three stages.

      Between 1541 1543 for the lower level was built between 1640 and 1654 - the second level, and from 1654 to 1658 - a third. Three architects worked at various times over the creation of each of the tiers. During the reign of Louis XVI (1679-1704 in years) construction has been completed architect Francois Hugo. By the time the building is already in need of restoration. February 11, 1754 during the service a large stone fell from the roof of the gallery and caused serious damage. The situation is gradually intensified, and in 1768 it became necessary complete reconstruction of the cathedral, which was started in 1787 under the leadership of Mathurin Crews.

      After the death of the architect started his work completed Rennes architect Louis de Richelieu. This happened in 1845. At the same time, has been updated and interior of the cathedral. In 1906, Saint-Pierre Cathedral was included in the national register of historic monuments and Now here is the residence of the Archbishop of Rennes.

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