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    Cafe "Two mills"

    • Paris 17 Batignolles-Monceau, France
    • Cafe "Two mills"$$
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    • "Two mills" - it is quite possible the existing cafe, which is really in Paris. You'll find it at rue Lepic, 15 (rue Lepic, 15). Or ask any taxi driver to take you "in a cafe where Amelie worked." After the film was the cafe place of pilgrimage for many tourists who wants to learn all known zhytstsyalyubstvu this unusual Parisian girl.

      Those who want to plunge into a bright and welcoming atmosphere of the film, in "Two mills" is waiting for a couple of surprises. For example, the interior of the cafe is not entirely consistent with what is depicted in the film - for filming several changes were made to the end shooting process was removed.

      In addition, there is a cafe female waitresses, there are only men, so to meet the second Amelie Poulain among staff you will not succeed. But in the famous Parisian Brasseur whole situation will remind you of the film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet - at any time of the day Here you will find a lot of like-minded happily photographed against the backdrop of a large portrait of a smiling slyly Mademoiselle Poulain. In addition, you will find a dessert menu, named after the main character; hide under it will, of course, creme brulee. 

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